Base Station Antennas

I have a space challenged environment for antennas, I live on a small lot and for those of you that are looking for an effective HF antenna that is easy to install, I offer the following description of an end fed antenna. The key component of this system is an SCG SG-230 Smartuner mounted to a wooden fence on my property line.

There are two cable runs in the conduit feeding the tuner from the radio room, one coax line and one control cable.

The control box has the controls for the antenna tuner. The red LED lights up when the tuner is tuned. Normal allows tuning and Lock disables the auto tuning.

The tuner is connected to 100ft of end fed wire.

The ground conductivity in my area is VERY poor (rock and clay) so I have found that an elevated resonate counterpoise system works much better and takes less wire. There are 8 wires attached to the fence using the knob insulators pictured. Each wire is cut to resonate at a specific band in the amateur radio 160m-10m range.

The antenna masts (3) each consist of 2-10 foot lengths of gray electrical conduit purchased from Home Depot. 1 is mounted in a pvc sleeve embedded in cement and pinned with a self tapping screw.

One is mounted with a C clamp to my property line fence.

The last is the center antenna and is actually mounted on my roof via unistrut. Giving me a ~40ft height.

The tension arm was created by cutting a T connector lengthwise and strapping it over the conduit using stainless steel wormscrew clamps. I used a reducer to connect the smaller diameter PVC conduit and stringing 1/8" Radio rope from Synthetic Textiles Inc from the top of the pole through an additional T connector at the end of the tension arm to the bottom of the pole attached with more wormscrew clamps.

I placed egg insulators between the end pulley and antenna wire. I painted each mast in a camouflage pattern. To strengthen the masts I purchased wood doweling 2-10 foot lengths for each, and placed them inside the conduit.

Each mast has a white cap that I also painted and a marine grade pulley attached via a UV resistant zip tie poked through a hole I drilled in the conduit.

The resulting antenna with the total 40ft of wire vertically and the 60 ft horizontally gives excellent horizontal and vertical radiation patterns and has been a great NVIS antenna that works from 160m - 10m.

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